Woohoo I’ve won the lottery! #RunWithTheMarines #41MCM

After failing to get in to the NYC marathon I decided to try for another major US marathon, the Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) which has upwards of 30,000 entrants.  The big difference to New York is that this time I got in 🙂

Like New York (Chicago, Berlin, London etc.) it’s a big marathon with an even bigger lottery.  Last year’s numbers were something like 80,000 applicants for about 15,000 lottery places.  Marathons continue to become more popular so I’m sure the chance of getting in this year was even lower.  But who cares – I’m in 😉

So now I have two marathons to train for – Berlin on 25th September and the MCM exactly 5 weeks later on 30th October. Hopefully that means I get two marathons out of one lot of training, rather than ending up unable to put in a creditable performance at the MCM due to its proximity to Berlin.

My training starts in 6 weeks!

Do you feel lucky punk? #RunWithTheMarines

After the disappointment earlier in the month of failing to get in to the NYC Marathon through their lottery I’ve signed up for another lottery to try and get into the Marine Corps Marathon which takes place in Washington DC.

Entries close tomorrow (30th March) with the draw made the day after. I’m loving the short timeline.  It will nice to be put out of my misery quickly – probably just like taking on a real-life marine…

Keeping my fingers crossed for the draw on Thursday!

(OK so the title is a Dirty Harry misquote but it has a Marine feel to it 😉 Movie misquotes)